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MOFA+ Passionfruit & Orange for detox

MOFA+ Passionfruit & Orange for detox

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(20 sachets x 15g)

Level up your routine with MOFA+!

Enjoy this unique orange and passionfruit flavoured beverage that works hard to cleanse your colon, slim your waist, reduce belly bloat, and help you shed weight.

With ingredients like apple fiber and digestive enzymes, you'll get the many benefits like fat absorption inhibition, increased satiety and an improved metabolism.

Get back on the fast track to perfect health today!

How to use:
1. Add 200ml of room temperature or cold water to shaker cup
2. Pour 1 sachet of MOFA+ into shaker cup
3. Shake well and consume immediately

Recommended to drink 2 hours after last meal

May experience smooth bowel movement 8 to 10 hours later
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